Since 1983 we have been providing products and services to the Cement and Lime industries. Below are products and companies that MACAULEY INDUSTRIAL SERVICES represent in the Western United States and British Columbia, Canada. These states are; California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming and South Dakota.


Representing the following companies:

I have represented this company for the last nine years. They developed and patented Colloidal Silica “Cement Free”shotcretes, gunite and pumpcast refractory materials and ship this material throughout the world. We have many very successful references throughout the cement industry in the US and maintain extensive inventories in Dallas, Texas, Gary, IN and Negley, OH. This is an American company headquartered in Chicago, IL with their main manufacturing plant in Negley, OH.

Bricking Solutions
This Company is the leader in manufacturing kiln bricking rigs in the world. They emphasize Safety and promote “THE CIRCLE OF REFRACTORY MAINTENANCE.” They manufacture kiln access ramps, safety cages, pre-heat tower platforms and supply various accessories and tools for your one source of equipment required to safely and quickly remove and install bricks in your kiln. www.brickingsolutions.com. I have worked with them for over twenty years.

This company is headquartered in Spain and is the leading manufacturer of Silicon Carbide bricks, castables, shotcretes and gunite materials to reduce build-ups in the cement kiln and entire tower systems. This includes kiln linings, feed shelves, risers, calciners and cyclones. We are especially good at eliminating ring formations in the kiln and reducing kiln shell temperatures in the Calcining and Upper Transition zones. A complete line of alumina and alumina/silicon carbide bricks for the calcining zone of kilns is available as well at competitive prices. We maintain material inventories in Houston, Texas.

This company imports bricks from Kaklady Magnezytowe, a Polish Refractory manufacturer with a large following throughout the US. We maintain large inventories of two Mag/Spinel bricks in Mira Loma, CA, Houston, TX and Charleston, SC. Kaklady also manufactures a complete line of alumina bricks. They emphasize quality and very precise sizing control on all bricks. We are very competitively priced.

Forjas Bolivar
A manufacturer since 1968 of 100% hot forged kiln and drag chains, shackles, forged mill bolts, conveyor rollers and engineered chains for elevators and conveyors. They are hot forged in carbon, alloy and stainless steels. Check them out at www.forjasbolivar.com. They are the largest supplier of forged products in South and Central America to the cement industry and manufacture parts for all major manufactured systems.

Wahl Refractory Solutions
Wahl Refractory Solutions offers a wide range of materials “that cover” demanding applications in the heat intensive cement industry in areas of severe abrasion/erosion. As wear resistant materials, Gemstone ® and SIFCA ® products outperform special steels, cast fused basalt, metal castings, rubber and other similar state of the art materials. These systems are especially formulated to give superior wear and abrasion resistance in applications at temperatures up to 2200°F (1204°C). These include Air blasters and dampers and many ducts and chutes. Gemstone ® Trowelables are ideal for complete or partial repairs to areas where ceramic tile attachments have failed. They are especially famous for their “SIFCA ® Nose Rings and wear chutes and have many successful installations world wide.

Spar, Inc.
Spar is a refractory specialty company manufacturing a complete line of cement-bonded and several no cement bonded castable, gunite and shotcrete materials. Their facility in Jacksonville, Alabama is one of the most modern specialty plants in the United States today.

Macauley Industrial Services
We manufacture and sell carbon steel shims Nationwide for use to brick rotary kilns. Shims can be made to your size specifications. Standard shims are 16 or 14 gauge mild steel but can be made of heavier material if required. Flat or with a 1 or 1 1/2″ fold on one side are standard.

We provide refractories, metal anchors, steel shims, bricking rigs, ramps and safety equipment for the cement, lime, steel, aluminum, copper, petroleum and chemical industries.  Also stainless steel c-clips and related steel products.


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